“The PBRN model addresses critical questions that must be answered to bring the findings from basic science and controlled trials into real-world medical practice.”

— Constance Pechura, PhD, Executive Director of the Treatment Research Institute


Known for its insight and the ability to find the “tipping points” that help transform culture, in 2007, The Bravewell Collaborative embarked on a new venture to change the way the medical community thinks about health and healing through the creation of the nation’s first practice-based research network in integrative medicine.

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Under the guidance of the Duke Clinical Research Institute, which serves as the Coordinating Center, BraveNet consists of the fourteen member sites:

Designed to reveal what types of patients seek services at integrative medicine clinics and what problems these patients wish to solve, BraveNet's first study, which involved approximately 4000 patients, was completed in 2008.  The manuscript — Patients Seek Integrative Medicine for Preventive Approach to Optimize Health — was published in the November/December 2012 issue of EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing.

A second study, SIMTAP, which focused on integrative medicine treatments and approaches to chronic pain, was completed in 2012.  Based on study data, the manuscript — The BraveNet Prospective Observational Study on Integrative Medicine Treatment Approaches for Pain — was published in 2013 in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  BraveNet's third manuscriptCharacteristics of Cancer Patients Presenting to an Integrative Medicine Practice-Based Research Network — was published in 2014 in Integrative Cancer Therapies.


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