The McKinsey Report

In 2002, an understanding of the fundamental issues confronting integrative centers began to emerge from an extraordinary $1 million study conducted by McKinsey and Company, arguably the leading management consulting company in the world.

This million-dollar study, “commissioned” by the Collaborative and conducted on a pro bono basis by McKinsey and Company, is a milestone in the evolution of viable centers of integrative medical practice. The talents and philanthropy of McKinsey and Company provided valuable diagnostic information to each of the centers and to the field as a whole.

The McKinsey Study strongly recommended that the Bravewell Collaborative develop a network among leading integrative centers through which they could share lessons learned, conduct clinical research, and develop opportunities to expand their capacity to successfully serve patients and thrive in a rigorous competitive environment. The study’s recommendations have now become a roadmap for accelerating the availability of integrative clinical care.