Growing the Bravewelll Collaborative

A Community of Philanthropists

The Bravewell Collaborative is a philanthropic community that learns, deliberates, forms policy and takes action together. The members value strategic philanthropy and the respectful and caring relationships built over the course of their work. Each member brings unique understandings, experiences and resources that enhance the Collaborative's progress. Growth of the community is encouraged through outreach, education, member contacts, the Bravewell Leadership Award, and most of all, by the work itself.


The keystone values of the Bravewell Collaborative make it possible to join the interests of member philanthropists into a unified effort. These values are:

  • Shared commitment to integrative medicine
  • Willingness to leave self-interest behind
  • Desire to work toward systems change
  • Commitment to strategic, focused philanthropy that generates maximum leverage
  • Mutual respect and shared learning
  • Agreed upon operating principles
  • Philanthropist-driven mission and initiatives


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“We must improve our healthcare. Patients should not be treated as bodies to be fixed, but as individuals participating with their doctors in a journey towards healing, even if curing is not possible. This is why I am deeply involved in the Bravewell Collaborative.”

— Bill Sarnoff, Board Member, The Bravewell Collaborative