The medical interview is the major medium of patient care and therefore is of central importance to practitioners from both professional and personal perspectives.

— From Teaching Communication in Clinical Clerkships: Models From the Macy Initiative in Health Communications

Medical Education Training Videos

Bravewell has developed a series of videos, a teaching manual and PowerPoint introductory lecture to assist with the teaching of effective doctor patient communication.

Studies have shown that effective doctor patient communications are strong predictors of positive health outcomes. Communication is, after all, a major medium of medical care, a prime factor in patient satisfaction and empowerment, as well as the essential factor leading to compliance with complex treatment regimens. Communication skills are, therefore, critically important to health and healing in the acute and chronic care of patients yet, shockingly, they are rarely a focus of medical education, physician self improvement, or rigorous study.

As an outgrowth of The New Medicine project, Bravewell identified the need for teaching tools with which practitioners, medical teachers, and learners in all the healing disciplines could use to initiate serious study of these critical skills. In focus groups, teachers of doctoring skills identified a need for real world, gritty films of real doctors with real patients, wrestling with care in all its complexity.

In response to this need, Middlemarch Films, creators of The New Medicine PBS show, produced a set of ten videos of doctors talking with real patients in suburban and urban settings. To aid teachers or independent learners, an accompanying teaching manual was created by Drs. Mack Lipkin and Simone Stromer. The manual includes core concepts and data about doctor patient communications, an introductory slide set, and learning exercises to use with each video, together with references and additional resources. The approach is learner centered; it encourages interaction, and uses the well documented, consensus approaches of the Macy Initiative in Health Communications.

The set can be used by anyone interested in doctor patient communications. It provides a systematic way to improve these skills and can also be used as means to deepen an understanding of the key scholarship in this important field. Each video is time coded so teachers or users can identify exact points in the tape, and translations are placed in the videos where needed (some tapes include Spanish or Chinese).

To access the Medical Training Videos, teaching manual and PowerPoint lecture, please click here.